As the largest and longest-running marketing platform in high school sports, the Rivalry Series will achieve a major milestone by activating its 1000th game during this season.High school football is set to see the Friday Night Lights shine once again on these annual battles for bragging rights.
Since its inception in 2004, the Great American Rivalry Series has activated 937 games in 44 states, included more than 37 thousand athletes and reached over 8.5 million high school football fans. The Great American Rivalry Series® can be found on Facebook (@GreatAmericanRivalry), Twitter (@AmericanRivalry), and Instagram (@americanrivalry) 
To celebrate, the Great American Rivalry Series kicks off its 100-day pre-season GARS Virtual Road Tour. The Tour will feature special content from notable rivalries throughout the years with highlights of legendary athletes, exclusive interviews, guest appearances and a national fan contest. You can follow it all on the Rivalry Series Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds through stories, photos and news.