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Varina 10, Highland Springs 7 (11/7/08)

November 8, 2008

By iHigh Admin of Great American Rivalry Series

The dreams of many were both realized and crushed on a chilly night at Varina High School November 7th. Not only is the Varina vs. Highland Springs an extremely heated rivalry, Varina was playing to become the Capital District Champion and the only team in the district with an undefeated season. Knowing the implications this game had, the Highland Springer’s geared up and prepared for battle, as they did not want Varina to realize those dreams.

Later that night at the game, emotions were high and both teams knew and understood that their opponents had amazing defense and this was a game that would be won by mistakes. They were right. A mistake on the first possession left Highland Springs on the 21-yard line and gave Varina the advantage. Varina then forced two more Highland mistakes throughout the game, resulting in turnovers. Tre Johnson, with no helmet, ran through the Springer’s defense at the end of the game for a first down, a first down that clinched the game. With that play Tre Johnson also clinched the MVP medal and trophy.

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