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Varina 17, Thomas Dale 10 (9/16/11)

September 17, 2011

by Stacey Edwards

It was perfect weather and temperature in Richmond VA as these two teams faced up to play each other in the first home game of the season at the Blue Devils Stadium. The matchup between Varina High School and Thomas Dale High School goes back over 25 years ago when they played in the playoffs against one another, which birthed the rivalry as it is known as today.

The first quarter came to an end with both teams failing to score touchdowns but making field goals, for a score tied at 3-3. The second quarter saw #6 Darin from Varina receiving a long catch with 4 minutes to go in the first half, setting the team up with 3 yards to go. Varina then scored the first touchdown of the night.Thomas Dale answered right back with a 30-yard pass at just 9 seconds to go, and the Knights score their first touchdown to tie up the score 10 -10 at the half.

The second got underway with the fans going wild. Varina scored the first touchdown of the 2nd half with a quick run, turn and spin, giving the Blue Devils a 17-10 lead.

Varina kicked a punt from the 50-yard line in the fourth quarter which landed in the hands of Thomas Dale, trying to tie up the game.With 3 minutes left to go, it was still anybody’s game. But on the 20-yard-line with 1 minute 45 seconds left, the ball was intercepted by the Blue Devils. Varina High School holds on for a score of Blue Devils 17-Knights 10.


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