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Series Week 10: 9 Games, 3 Broadcasts, 1 National Top 20 Team

October 22, 2015

21762249744_8a2350d899_oWeek Ten features 10 rivalry games including one of the oldest continuously played rivalries in the country and the newest rivalry in the country. One game will be a rematch of the Colorado 5A Championship game, one of southwest Texas’ hugest rivalries and we will also have the Rivalry that was the originating Rivalry of the Great American Rivalry series.  We will offer TWO LIVE internet video broadcasts and ONE LIVE internet audio broadcast as part of the Great American Rivalry Series Broadcast Network.

Our staff will be on both sides of the country as we feature games in 9 states including Washington DC, Kentucky, California, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, Utah and Texas.

For the last six weeks we have carried a poll on our site for the rivals to partner up, gather their fans and join together to be the Voter’s Game of the Week. Last week we had a close voting matchup between games in North Carolina and Georgia.  Like a rivalry game, it went back and forth all week, but, ultimately, the passionate fans of Tuscola and Pisgah in North Carolina won out with over 40,00 votes to become last week’s VOTER’s CHOICE Game of the Week. The game was well deserved with the title as it went back and forth and eventually into overtime only to be ended by a goal line stand as Pisgah came out on top. game also went down to the wire as San Benito won the game with only 4 seconds remaining. This week there is the unique battle between one of America’s oldest rivalries, the Male vs. Manual game in Kentucky and the newest rivalry in the America being played between Alta and Corner Canyon (which is a breakoff school from Alta) in Utah. They have had a back and forth battle all week.  Join the voting fun for Voter’s Rivalry Game of the Week HERE!

So far this season the Great American Rivalry has featured 69 games in 36 states and has passed out hundreds of Champions Hats, dozens of t-shirts and presented Scholar Athlete Awards, Hall of Fame Awards and MVP Awards to dozens of talented athletes.

Franklin (TX) vs. Coronado (TX) – Oct. 22, 2015

FranklinCoronado2Our first game this week the classic El Paso rivalry known as “The Westside Bowl between the Franklin Cougars and the Coronado Thunderbirds will be played on Thursday, October 22 in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This game will be presented by the United States Marine Corps and will be played at UTEP Stadium, home of the Sun Bowl.  Though only 20 games have been played in this rivalry since it started in 1995, it has already gained a reputation as one of the fiercest rivalries in Texas. After a powerful 57-17 victory over the Thunderbirds last year, the Cougars lead the series 14-6. In past seasons this game pretty much put the winner into the driver’s seat for a district championship. Expect another heated contest this year.

LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST – HSFB100 #14 Louisville Male (KY) vs. DuPont Manual (KY) – Oct. 23, 2015 6:30 PM EST

MaleManual3The “Battle for the Barrel” in the Old Rivalrybetween the nationally ranked Louisville Male Bulldogs (HSFB100 #14) and the DuPont Manual Crimsons in the Rivalry Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. Started in 1893, this is one of the oldest rivalry games in the country and the originating game of the Great American Rivalry Series when the inaugural Series kicked off in 2004.  This year, the game will be presented by the United States Army and played on Friday, October 23 at historic Manual Stadium. The game will also be BROADCAST LIVE on the Rivalry Series Broadcast Network (CLICK HERE FOR BROADCAST).  Series founder, Rick Ford, notes, “With all the traditions of these games including bonfires, pep rallies, and parades, high school football has brought communities together to watch their teams compete in these classic battles for more than a century.” A Louisville native and a former Crimson team member, Mr. Ford also notes “We are excited to participate once again in the Rivalry game that started it all by highlighting the Male vs Manual matchup.”  The “Old Rivalry”, as it is known, is one of the oldest in the nation, dating back to November 1893.  Manual has registered five state titles and claims two national championships (1925 and 1938, with the 1938 victory seeing the Crimsons receive the award from the National Sports News Service after defeating New Britain, CT in the national championship game held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Early on, the rivalry game with Male was traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day, drawing as many as 10,000 spectators as far back as 1909. The record attendance of 22,000 was set in 1966. On the other side of the coin, historically, Male is the third winningest football program in the United States. The Bulldogs claim seven state championships in football. In the 2014 matchup, the Crimsons and Bulldogs fought to a 28-21 finish, with Male coming out on top and ending a Manual run of four straight victories in the Series.  The all-time record is led by Male at 81-45. Male comes into the game nationally ranked and unbeaten.  Manual only has one loss and the 123 year battle continues.

LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST – South Medford (OR) vs. North Medford (OR) – Oct. 23, 2015 6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST

SthNrthMedThe Great American Rivalry Series is proud to announce it will feature the “Black and Blue Bowl” between the South Medford Panthers and the North Medford Black Tornado in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This 30 year rivalry game will be presented by the United States Army and will be played on Friday, October 23 at Medford’s Spiegelburg Stadium.  The game will be BROADCAST LIVE in partnership with Medford’s Tablerock Sports Network as Great American Rivalry Series Network broadcast. This year marks the 30th game between these crosstown rivals and is typically one of the biggest events held each year at Spiegelberg Stadium. Since both teams share the stadium, there is no home field advantage. Currently, the Black Tornado hold the lead 16-13 and have won the past two years in a row, though the Panthers had a six game win streak between 2007 and 2012, which is the longest win streak in the series.

LIVE AUDIO BROADCAST – Bay City Central (MI) vs. Bay City Western (MI) – Oct. 23, 2015  6:30 PM CST/7:30 PM EST

BayCityCtrWestThe northern Michigan rivalry game between the Bay City Central Wolves and the Bay City Western Warriors will be played on Friday, October 23 and be presented by the United States Marine Corps. The game will be played at Central’s home field and will also be a LIVE AUDIO BROADCAST in partnership with the Great Lakes Sports Network.  This rivalry got its start in 1974 when Western was a newly created school, becoming the third high school in Bay City.  For the first 10 years of matchups the Wolves dominated until their first loss to the Warriors in 1984. Over the course of the series Central leads 28-10.

Dunbar (DC) vs. Coolidge (DC) – Oct. 23, 2015

DunbarCoolidge2The Great American Rivalry Series is proud to announce that it will feature a long-standing DCIAA rivalry game between the Paul Laurence Dunbar Crimson Tide and the Coolidge Colts on Friday, October 23 in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This game will be presented by the United States Marine Corps and will be played at Coolidge’s home field.  This rivalry has been around since 1970 pitting the nation’s first public high school for black students (Dunbar) against a school that, from 2010 to 2013 had the only active female head football coach (Natalie Randolph).  The two teams have met twice in the DCIAA Turkey Bowl (2005 and 2011), the Washington, DC area’s championship game, with Dunbar taking both games. Dunbar won convincingly in 2014 with a 49-0 pounding and are currently 10-5 over the last 15 years.

Valor Christian (CO) vs. Cherry Creek (CO) – Oct. 23, 2015

ValorCherryCk2These two teams last met in the 2014 Colorado State Championship game. The now famed Denver-area rivalry between the Valor Christian Eagles and the Cherry Creek Bruins will be played on Friday, October 23 in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This game will be presented by the United States Marine Corps and will be played at Valor Stadium. In terms of length of years, this is a young rivalry series.  Valor Christian got its start as a school in 2008 and came out of nowhere to win the 3A State Title in 2009, the 4A Titles in 2010 and 2011 and then the 5A Titles in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 they lost to the Bruins in a regular season clash and also a Great American Rivalry Series game and then met the Cherry Creekers in the 5A Championship game, only to experience their first-ever post-season loss to the Bruins 25-24 in a thriller and was kept from tying the Colorado record for consecutive championships. Cherry Creek is currently ranked number 2 in Colorado and Valor Christian is ranked number 6.

Alta (CO) vs. Corner Canyon (CO) – Oct. 23, 2015

AltaCornerThis is the nation’s newest rivalry game, as the first ever meeting between the new Corner Canyon Chargers and the Alta Hawks will be played. This fledgling rivalry will be presented by the United States Army and will be played on Friday, October 23 at Alta High School.  A split off from Alta High School, Corner Canyon has the same pipeline of kids that Alta did all those years during its regular trips to the semifinals. It has paid immediate dividends in the school’s first two years as the Chargers are one of only two Utah schools to ever win a playoff game the year it opened. In their second year of existence, the Chargers went a perfect 10-0 in the regular season and won their first two games in the playoffs. Their 2015 season has not been as kind to them as they come into the game with a two game losing streak.  They will be hungry to get a win in this final game of the regular season for both teams.

Vacaville (CA) vs. Napa (CA) – Oct. 23, 2015

VacaNapaThe Great American Rivalry Series will feature an old rivalry between the Vacaville Bulldogs and the Napa Indians on Friday, October 23 in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This game will be presented by the United States Marine Corps and Muscle Milk. The game will be played at Vacaville’s Tom Zunino Stadium. These two schools have been playing each other since 1933, but not annually. But, many consider this the battle for supremacy in the Monticello Empire League, often determining which team will get the higher seed in the San Joaquin sectionals. The rivalry is the fourth oldest in California. The overall record is 21-20-2.  Napa is coming into the game with a 7-0 record, and Vacaville has a 4-3 record, though both are unbeaten in conference play and this game will likely determine the MEL title. Vacaville was the last team to get a sectional championship with a 13-1 record in 2011. Napa downed Vacaville 26-14 in 2014. Vacaville’s Head Coach Mike Papadopoulos is also coming off of his 100th career victory after a 57-8 win last week over Armijo.

The Almond Bowl – Pleasant Valley (CA) vs. Chico (CA) – Oct. 23, 2015

PVChicoThe Great American Rivalry Series will feature the traditional “Almond Bowlbetween the Pleasant Valley Vikings and the Chico Panthers on Friday, October 23 in the Series’ tenth weekend of games for 2015. This game will be presented by the United States Marine Corps and will be played at Chico State University’s stadium. This rivalry will have its 56th game this year, though the “Almond Bowl” has only been around since 1971 and has since become an even ground for bragging rights as it has always been played on a neutral field at Chico State University, though the rivalry actually got its start in 1969.  The freshmen teams play a “Bowl Game” as well called the Peanut Bowl. Over the years Pleasant Valley has produced some great athletes including Super Bowl MVP and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. In 2000, Aaron Rodgers led the Vikings to a 43-7 win, which, at that time, was the most lopsided victory in the series. He led the Vikings to another victory in 2001. Chico had a similar lopsided victory in 2011, downing PV 43-3. The Almond Bowl records are tied at 22-22-1 and overall the series is led by Chico with a 28-26-1 record.


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