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HOCKEY: Rockford 4, East Kentwood 3 – 2010

March 9, 2010

This was not your typical season for the Rockford Rams and the East Kentwood Falcons. Both teams usually enjoy great success in their league, but with records of 12-11 and 6-15-3, it didn’t seem like there was much to play for. But pride, hats and a Championship Trophy were on the line, and both teams played like it.

The arena was smaller than usual, but louder than most. When the players took the ice everyone screamed and it had the feel of a game that meant a lot. In this particular game, it was for the right to stay in Tier 1, meaning the winning school would continue to play at the highest level in the conference.

The first period got off to a slow start, although it was very hard hitting. Both goalies turned away shots, and there were plenty of them, until East Kentwood snuck one past the goal tender. Alex Talcott scored the late first period goal for the Falcons on an assist from Ross McBride. The East Kentwood fans were waving flags and cheering about their lead.

Once the second period began, it was all Rockford. The Rams peppered the goalie with shots and put four in the net. The goals were scored by Eric Conroy, Erik Datema, Cody Cantu and Jake Chaffee. East Kentwood scored a goal of their own, when Brett White scored, making the score 4-2 at intermission. The Rams could taste a victory, but the Falcons clearly weren’t quitting without a fight.

In the third period, the action was frenetic. Still hard hitting and even “chippy” at times, the ice tilted back and forth, and–with just under five minutes remaining–Jimmy Davis of East Kentwood scored a goal that changed the way the last five minutes would be played. With the score now 4-3 in favor of Rockford, the stretch run of this game was going to be electric. The coach at East Kentwood even mentioned before the game that he didn’t play for ties, so his team was playing at a wild pace. It was to no avail however, as the attempts fell just short and Rockford wound up hoisting the Championship trophy in the end.

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