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Fan of the Game Photo Contest


For the 2014 Season the Great American Rivalry Series is getting the fans involved and they too have an opportunity to get in the national spotlight.  At each game fans can take Selfie photos or group photos and post them to Instagram or Twitter and these will be included in a “Fan of the Game” poll for each game.  The winning entry for each game will be entered into our National Fan Photo of the Year contest (see the Weekly Winners posted HERE) and the winner of that contest, by popular fan vote in November, will be awarded a nice prize, to be announced later in the season. The rules are easy and are listed below.


1. You may enter as many photos as you would like.

2. All photos must be appropriate. The Great American Rivalry Series has sole discretion on photo appropriateness.

3. To enter, take a Selfie or Group photo during Pre-Game, during the Game or shortly after the game and post it to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #greatamericanrivalry.  Also make sure to include some sort of identifier for your game so we know which game page to include your photo on.

4. Photos may be posted up until 1 AM (EST) after the end of the game.

5. All photos from the game (from both teams’ fans) will be posted to a page specific to that game and all will be numbered.  Underneath the photos there will be a poll to vote for your favorite photo.


1. Voting for each games’ photos will open at 12 PM EST on the morning of the next day after the game. voting will continue through Thursday at Midnight EST of the week following the game.

2. To vote on the photos, click on one of the links below for your game and then look for the photo you would like to vote for from that game.

3. You and your friends may vote for your favorite photo one time during a 24 hour period per device/ip address.

4. After you vote, the poll will show the current results.

5. Voting will end on Thursday at Midnight EST and the winning photo will be added to the National Fan of the Year contest page. Once all photos are up on the Fan of the Year Contest Page, a new poll will go live (at the end of November).

6. You may share the Poll Page on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others) to get your friends, family and others to vote as well. This will help you in getting more votes.


Week 6 Polls will be available for Voting after 12 PM EST 10/4/2014.

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What is the Great American Rivalry Series?

Each fall for over a century, high school football has been the centerpiece for families and communities on Friday night. In 2004, iHigh, Inc. created the Great American Rivalry Series to celebrate this uniquely American sport and the cultural phenomenon of “Friday Night in America.” The Series shines the spotlight on top high school football rivalries across the nation, where long-standing traditions are valued, expectations are sky high, and followers are committed.