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The Great American Rivalry Series Best of 2017

December 14, 2017
Published in 2017, Gallery

2017 marked the 14th season for The Great American Rivalry Series, and what a season it was. Or is, we should say. There are still teams who took part in the Rivalry Series this season playing for their state championships. And that’s what the Great American Rivalry Series is all about. Excellence. Check out some…


What is the Great American Rivalry Series?

Each fall for over a century, high school football has been the centerpiece for families and communities on Friday night. In 2004, iHigh, Inc. created the Great American Rivalry Series to celebrate this uniquely American sport and the cultural phenomenon of “Friday Night in America.” The Series shines the spotlight on top high school football rivalries across the nation, where long-standing traditions are valued, expectations are sky high, and followers are committed.