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Cary 34, Apex 0 (9/9/11)

September 10, 2011

by Stacey Edwards

It was a clear night in Apex NC as the fans came in the thousands to watch and witness for themselves the 50+ year old rivalry game.

It was Apex’s first home game of the season with expectations to have a first-class rivalry game against Cary. Two of many schools located in the Apex-Cary North Carolina area, their rivalry attracts strong with fans who were all eager Friday night to get the game underway. At one point, fans go back and forth of spray painting and “decorating” the home field, which makes it attention-grabbing for the game.

The stands were packed and ready for the kickoff! Both teams cane running onto the field hoping to take home the Great American Rivalry Trophy. With the first quarter underway and coming to an end, both teams had yet to score. Defenses remained strong as the ball went back and forth, and though both were schools determined to score, Cary scored the first touchdown of the night at the end of the first half.

After halftime, Cary took off and scored three of their six touchdowns, all on
turnovers; their third touchdown came less than two minutes after the second. Cary pushed ahead, determined not only to win but to leave Apex with a shut-out. The game came to a close with the final score of Cary 34-Apex 0.

The Great American Rivalry Series and the United States Marine Corps presented Cary with another Championship Trophy to add to their trophy case. Cary’s very own #10 Caleb Glass received the 2011 MVP trophy and medal for being named the Most Valuable Player of the game, two interceptions, a fumble recovery and one
touchdown. Caleb then congratulated his teammate DeAndre Henry, who received the MVP honors in 2010 from Series.

Great job to both teams and best of luck this season!


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What is the Great American Rivalry Series?

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