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2015 Hall of Fame – Lee Rouson & Shawn Brown

October 17, 2015

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Shawn Brown, Grismley High School

Shawn Brown #32 for the Whirlies capped off a junior year in 1988 like a dream for most while football players.  After a horrible defeat by the Pirates in regular season play, Shawn Brown dove over the 3 yard line to score the winning touchdown in the 1988 state championship defeating Page for the first time in 20 years. Shawn went on to attend Lee McCrae and marry his high school sweetheart.  Shawn has 3 college graduate children with 2 beautiful grand babies.  He is a successful professional truck driver and has devoted his life to his faith.  Shawn couldn’t be with us tonight due to his religious commitments this weekend and has respectfully asked that Coach Weaver receive the award on his behalf.  He tells a great stry of his relationship with Coach Weaver and basketball throughout his career and wanted Coach Weaver to know what an impact he had on making Shawn the man he is today.




Lee Rouson, Walter Hines Page High School

Two time super bowl champion. The gold football is given by the NFL. The NFL is giving these footballs out to celebrate the 50th Superbowl this year. Players who have participated in past Superbowl’s receive these golden footballs.22305902145_2b79d6fe6a_k

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